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Sportsman Shows, Trade Shows, Gun Shows in Fort McMurray, Alberta

One of our most popular locations for our biggest shows

Fort McMurray – A Great Location that Lives up to Our Definition of The Wild Outdoors

At Hunt Mania Show Productions, we run many of our sportsman shows in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Only 435 kilometres northeast of Edmonton, we’re able to attract some amazing crowds to our events, since the city is already the largest community in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Fort McMurray is regarded as one of the top spots in Canada for outdoor enthusiasts. With beautiful natural locations for hunting, fishing, boating, camping, and even tours to see the Northern Lights, it is quickly becoming a favourite amongst tourists.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

From trade shows to job fairs, from shows for women to ones dedicated as guns shows, we host a variety of events in Alberta. You’ll see a large crowd of people, expert presentations, and a countless number of vendors from all industries.

Whether it be for hunting, boating, RV’s, ATV’s, guns, fishing, or camping, you’ll spend your time talking to amazing, passionate people, and getting your hands on the latest products.


Gun Show and Hunting Enthusiasts

Hunting and camping is very popular in Fort McMurray. With strict regulations, and a very professional set-up, it is regarded as a prime hunting spot for seasoned hunters. Spring bear hunting is very popular. It is one of the few locations in Western Canada that offers wolf, bear, bird, and moose hunting (with the appropriate licenses, of course). So it is very natural that we have selected the town as one of our premiere spots for our shows. Whether you are an exhibitor looking for a great place to present your products, or you are a member of the general public looking to spend a day visiting many of the top vendors of gear that you are looking for, Hunt Mania has you covered, all in one place!

How to Attend Our Sportsman Shows

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Major Exhibitors



Interested in attending our shows as a vendor?

You’ll get amazing exposure for your products/collections that you can’t find anywhere else. Alongside our exceptional support and a variety of packages, we make displaying your products either for buying, selling, or trading at a gun show as simple as possible.

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Hunt Mania Admission Rates for All Shows

    13 Years & Up

  • $10

    2 Adults (19 Years+) & 2 Juniors (13-18 Years)

  • $30

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  • $20

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